Audio Restoration

Audio Restoration, Repair or Enhancing

Through the last several years, we have been honored to restore several home recordings from the 1940’s to the modern day. Clients continue to rely on us to bring a new life to their parents, grandparents or even great-grandparents voice. Whether it be a harmonica performance in a dense basement or a speech among thousands of people, we can help make the best of that less than ideal recording.

The process of restoration is unique. We look for background hum, noise, electrical interference,and random clicks and pops. Then we apply specialized filters to remove those sounds while also carefully making sure the parts you want to hear are not removed. We can always improve the quality of your recordings and we’ll do it quickly.

Restoration rates are $25 for up to 5 minutes of material. Customer may request one revision for no additional fee. Discounted rates apply for longer projects.

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